Pet Acupuncture

At the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond, we offer acupuncture for your pets. For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to re-balance the total energy system of animals’ bodies to facilitate health and healing. It effectively treats many conditions, such as arthritis, disc disease, nerve pain, kidney failure, liver failure, cancer, and heart disease. … Read morePet Acupuncture

Spinal Manipulations & Chiropractic Care


What is spinal manipulation? What is pet chiropractic care? Is there a difference? Technically, the term ‘chiropractic’ can only be applied to humans. Thus, ‘chiropractic care’ does not technically exist within veterinary medicine. However, while the term may not technically be approved, the art of chiropractic care is alive and well within veterinary medicine.  To … Read moreSpinal Manipulations & Chiropractic Care

Physical Rehabilitation


We have specific tools to help your pet recover from an operation or injury. We are pleased to provide individualized rehabilitation therapy, such as massage and exercise ball therapy. These techniques can help your pet recover at its own pace while being closely monitored by our veterinary team, which has received specialized rehabilitation therapy training … Read morePhysical Rehabilitation


Pet thermography easily demonstrates primary, compensatory, and tertiary inflammation by noninvasively evaluating the blood supply to an injured region. We are excited to announce that our Thermal Imaging Scanner is up and running at the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond! Pet Thermography is a diagnostic tool that measures radiated energy, allowing us to evaluate changes … Read moreThermography

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical, minimally invasive approach for naturally treating inflammation and injuries to joints, ligaments, and tendons. PRP is a portion of blood processed by centrifugation, resulting in a higher concentration of platelets. Platelets are a component of blood that is typically responsible for clotting but also contain growth factors that … Read morePlatelet-Rich Plasma

Ozone Therapy

We’re proud to provide Ozone Therapy at the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond. This therapy provides oxygen to assist mitochondria in running more efficiently and effectively, thereby supporting most complementary therapies. Inflammation in a tissue often leads to increased CO2, and adding oxygen can help promote healing.  Ozone enhances our ability to help animals heal … Read moreOzone Therapy