Herbal Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chinese Herbal Formulas

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutrition can all be tied to the doctrine of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM can be used to optimize body functions. Qi (translated as natural energy, life force, and energy flow) is the underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and even martial arts. Whether we discuss TCM in terms of its effects in balancing Qi in the body or look at changes in blood flow and inflammatory mediators, this system of medicine has proven itself effective over thousands of years.

In cases where a patient can be understood from a TCM perspective, Chinese herbal medicine can be integrated seamlessly with acupuncture to perpetuate the energetic stimulus provided through the acupuncture needle in the clinic.

Chinese Herbs are most often combined into formulas, each containing an average of 4-10 herbs. These formulas are designed to correct the imbalances that predispose to or cause disease in the body.

Given the new and emerging knowledge of herbs, we can now also look at herbal formulas from a Western perspective. Often prescribing a plant or formula that satisfies the dictates of both medical approaches provides the best prognosis.