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Dr. Lord does amazing work! She is so kind and patient with her patients! I have been so impressed at how much she has helped my pets with various ailments. I’ve learned more about nutrition for dogs than with any other doctor. Her staff is so sweet and do a great job. I am so impressed with everyone at the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond


I’ve been so impressed with all the caring staff at Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond: Dr. Lord, Meredith, Jennifer, and Laura are the best staff ever. The positive energy that comes from the office and staff is very calming for me and my cat Wednesday. This team is amazing and they will never know how much their kindness and knowledge are appreciated. They deserve 100 stars.


Dr. Lord and her team are great, as are the front desk staff. Very impressed with their professionalism and genuine care for my animal.

Tim Bajkiewicz

We have a 7-month-old puppy who was not being treated properly by another vet. My husband found the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond, and I’m so glad he did! What a professional and friendly experience from start to finish. The vet was super patient, took the time to care about my concerns, and provided a treatment plan that corrected an issue that we were struggling with for 6 months. What a difference! Thank you, Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond!!
Kelli Hall

I honestly can’t say enough good things about the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond. Every single person there genuinely cares and goes above and beyond, and the facilities are absolutely top-notch. If I could give higher than 5 stars, I certainly would.

Alex Vasquez

I will admit that I was an acupuncture skeptic. For people AND for dogs. Sticking needles in different spots would do nothing…or so I was convinced.

But my senior rescue dog was in pain and was having troubles walking, climbing steps, and getting into a car. I did not want to contemplate the alternative and I was willing to try anything that MAY help him. So with a mindset of “what could it hurt” we gave it a shot.

After just the first treatment he literally hopped in the car. Had I not seen that change, I never would have believed it. We brought him back for regular treatments for the rest of his life. I had Boss with me for years longer than I ever thought possible. And they were good years where he was physically and comfortably able to play, run, climb steps and hills.

After Boss was gone we adopted Bear, another senior boxer who could not sit and only could lower himself so far and fall the rest of the way down. He could barely walk and could not do more. Again we went with acupuncture appointments on a regular basis. We lost that senior boy way to early to brain cancer, but in the time we had him he learned to run, play, and sit normally.

Now we bring each of our senior dogs in for acupuncture (we only adopt senior rescue dogs) and watch them thrive.

Mike Lowery

My greyhound sees Dr. Lord for acupuncture and spinal manipulation. These procedures help her tremendously. I highly recommend the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond.

Catherine Schuchman