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Stem Cell Banking Veterinary Service in Richmond, VA

Stem Cell Banking

The Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond is excited to offer proactive stem cell banking for your pet during routine surgical procedures. T his Bank Now Save Later program is a cost effective way to ensure that your pet can receive the most advanced care available when it’s needed. By banking your pet’s cells today you will be able to take advantage of stem cell treatments in the future without the need for additional surgery. The process is simple: our doctors remove a small amount of fat tissue during a spay, neuter, or other surgery and send the sample to The Ardent lab to be processed and cryo-stored. Stem cell therapy can be used for a variety of conditions as your pet ages including arthritis, hip dysplasia, ligament injury, etc. For more information about the benefits of this service please visit Ardent Animal Health’s website through the link below and ask us about this service at your next appointment or prior to surgeries at IVC.

Proactive Cell Banking