Amy has been passionate about animals from a young age and embarked on her journey into veterinary medicine with a deep-seated love for creatures great and small. Her career began in November 2018, when she found her calling as an assistant and immediately fell in love with the field. Her tenure at River Run Animal Hospital was a significant chapter in her career, providing invaluable education in general practice medicine. Amy’s dedication to veterinary medicine is unwavering, and she eagerly anticipates expanding her knowledge in holistic and integrative approaches.

Outside of work, Amy thrives in the great outdoors, caring for her chickens, and enjoying the company of her three beloved dogs: Paisley, Onyx, and Ace. Alongside her supportive boyfriend Zach, she finds joy in her hometown of Powhatan, where she has lived her entire life, surrounded by her close-knit family. With a soft spot for Labrador Retrievers, Amy’s childhood companions have evolved into cherished family members. She loves to be in the rivers and mountains and relishes in the simple pleasures of life, such as sipping coffee, watching the sunrise, and crocheting while spending time with family.

Among her furry friends is Opal, an African Pygmy Hedgehog, adding a touch of whimsy to her already vibrant life.